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Documentation for Words for Clouds MergeTemplate

Where is the current documentation for MergeTemplate:

This page references "The template needs to contain tags according to the new templating feature syntax as described in Aspose.Words for Cloud Templates 1.1 Features"

Yet this page:

is missing. We are currently using word documents with mustache syntax, but would like to move to something newer that can support IF/THEN/ELSE type logic, and it appears that this may be possible using LINQ templates, but the documentation is sparse or non-existant, and initial testing is not working so I’m thinking the LINQ is not available on the Words for Cloud product yet.

Can someone clarify this or point to current documentation.


Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

Aspose.Words for Cloud is built as a wrapper on top of Aspose.Words and supports most features provided by the later especially when it comes to Mail Merge.

Aspose.Words supports Mustache Templates for Mail Merge. You can read more About Mail Merge in Aspose.Words documentation. To learn how to use Mail Merge features with Aspose.Words for Cloud, you can read more on Using Mail Merge features with Word documents.

If you require any further help, do let us know.

Kind Regards

Mateen Sajjad
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