Document Sign - Help needed



I wonder how we can reason property when signing pdf-document. And i cannot see that signed certificate became validated. If sign with same certificate ie. Nitro application signing stamp will be validated and seeing all properties filled properly.

And also we cannot see how we set security that only printing and test copy is allowed.




Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

We are exploring docs to find required information regarding your query and will answer your query shortly.



Here is some additional information.

Binder2.pdf (279.3 KB)




Would you please confirm you are using Aspose.Pdf REST APIs or Native APIs?

Aspose.Pdf REST APIs:



REST Api. We just modified Aspose.Pdf-for-Cloud-master -> SignPdfDoc.Run() method.




Unfortunately, certifying a PDF file with a PKCS12-Certificate and setting privileges on a PDF file (e.g. allowing printing, copying) features are only available in Native APIs, not in REST APIs.

Since REST APIs are a wrapper around Native APIs, implementation/availability of these features in REST APIs would not take much time. I have logged a request in our internal tracking software for the implementation of these features and will update you here once a new version with requested APIs is available.