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Developer Tool to allow Fill-In and Signature of Adobe PDF in cloud-based.NET application


We need to take already formatted PDF documents that include Fields (FDF) in Adobe PDF format, and allow our users to open the document from our cloud-based system (again, using .NET) and do their form filling “on-line/in the cloud” and perhaps sign, off-line (not using EchoSign) and at the end of the process Save/Update the originally opened file back to our cloud-based system.


Hi Twilliams,

Thanks for your interest in our API’s.

We have an API named Aspose.Pdf for .NET which provides the feature to Import Data from FDF into a PDF File (Facades). It also offers the feature to Digitally sign PDF file.

However if you need to perform these operations in Cloud environment, you may consider using Aspose.Pdf for Cloud. However it does not support directly importing FDF data into PDF form but you can programmatically Update a Form Field in a PDF Document.

Besides this, we also have a sister company named GroupDocs which provides the feature to create/manipulate most of the file formats including PDF in cloud environment. You may consider visiting AssemblyApp and SignatureApp.