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Cannot Get mail merge to accept my files

I am having issues with both cURL and your online tool for testing mailmerge.

I am using the exact files from your github repository:

On the online mailmerge, I get: TypeError: Failed to fetch

Using cURL I get invalid file format

Not sure why this isnt working, especially since I am using your files to test.

Help would be greatly appreciated.


We have tested the scenario and noticed unfortunately subjected template and data are not working as expected. So we have logged a ticket WORDSCLOUD-1379 for further investigation and rectification. However, you may try other sample templates and data files to get started with Aspose.Words REST API.


After the initial investigation, we found that Aspose.Words Cloud API is not supporting XML shortcuts for object declaration like

<customer ID="1", Name="Name" ...</>

So as a workaround, it should be changed to a full declaration like

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Name>John Ben Jan</Name>
    <Name>Lisa Lane</Name>
    <Name>Dagomir Zits</Name>
    <Name>Sara Careira Santy</Name>

However, we are working for a fix to support both types of declaration and will update you as soon as it is published.