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Aspose Cloud REST API not available over SSL


Since Saturday, attempts to access HTTPS services under result in a 403 forbidden error. Using the HTTP option at works fine.

While HTTP is fine in the short term, I would prefer to access your services over SSL.



Hi Matt,

Sorry for the late reply. We have investigated the issue in detail and it is still working for some platforms (e.g. check so that is not an issue with the service. It looks like Sign method is not working as expected for HTTPS after the last service update.

Can you please share which development language/platform are you using? We will try to resolve this issue for that platform as soon as possible. In the meantime, can you give another try to HTTPS and confirm if it is still not working for you?

Best Regards,

Hi Matt,

The issue is resolved. Please try again and let us know it is fixed at your end as well.

Best Regards,