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Aspose Cloud APIs returning corrupted PDF Files- no errors

The Cloud APIs are returning corrupt files, despite my logs showing successful interactions over the API. I receive a 70KB file response in a download request, but the contents cannot be opened. Prior to today, this was working just fine, then stopped working.

Is there a known outage or bug in the Cloud APIs? Was there a change in the API?


Thank you for contacting support. We did not notice any issue or interruption in the service. Could you please share a sample and other details i.e. Development language/platform, source code and documents etc. It will help us to further investigate the issue in details.

Hi Ryan,

There was neither a change in the API nor any interruption in the service. We did not notice any issue during our testing and many customers have used the service during these hours but no other customer has reported such issue. However we will investigate in detail why this happened at your end and share more details with you.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,