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Working with Wordpress multisite


We have Aspose exporter multisite enabled but I can’t figure out how to export posts from individual sites.
Can you help?
It’s working on one site (we have a Cloud account) but when I go to subdomains I can’t even click the If you don’t have an account with Aspose Cloud, Click here to Sign Up. link to work.


Unfortunately, Aspose DOC Exporter plugin does not support multisite. You have to add this plugin to your each individual site.


Just to make sure I understand. Are you saying that the plugin won’t work with multisite at all, or that the plugin has be added to each site within multisite individually?
In multisite, there doesn’t seem to be any way of adding a plugin in a subdomain.
Am I missing something?



Please perform following steps to make this plugin work on multisite:

  1. Install and “Network Activate” the plugin
    Go to Network Admin > Plugins and Network Activate (Aspose DOC Exporter).
  2. Navigate to individual site Dashboard
    Go to Setting > Aspose Doc Exporter and enter App SID and App key

Please contact us if you face any problem.