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Problems using aspose words cloud together with aspose words



We are trying to use the aspose words CLOUD java sdk together with the normal aspose words java sdk in the same java application. This is causing the following error:

java.lang.SecurityException: class “com.aspose.words.ApiException”'s signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package

Also importing other classes from the cloud sdk will result in the same error. Is it possible to do this? Any solutions to work around the error? Did already try to use the libaries from the same release month.



Thank you for contacting us.

Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Java and Aspose.Words SDK for Java are two independent SDKs. One is to use Native APIs and other is to use REST APIs in your project. They are not written to serve collectively.



In order to use Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Java in your project, please make sure your POM file looks as follows:




I know both products are working differently. I can use them both independently in a project. That is working fine. But for a specific project, i want to use both libaries in the application.



The issue has been logged in our internal tracking software as (WORDSCLOUD-681). We will update the Aspose.Words Cloud Java SDK so that it can be used with Aspose.Words Native SDK in the same project. We will update you here once the SDK is updated.


Thanks for the update. @sohail.aspose



Please note your above reported issue(WORDSCLOUD-681) has been fixed. We have updated the Aspose.Words Cloud Java SDK. Now, it has a different package name and it can be used with Aspose.Words Native SDK in the same project.