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Convert Word to PDF method of Aspose.Words Cloud failing with error - "The given key was not present in the dictionary."

Since the morning of Tuesday 11/13 we’re seeing a large increase in errors when submitting Word documents for PDF conversion. It’s a 400 and the entirety of the error is:

"Message": "The given key was not present in the dictionary."

We see these same errors with the documents when we run them manually through the form on!/Convert/PutConvertDocument:

image.png (376.4 KB)

Here are some examples of the Word documents that are failing to convert: (22.2 KB)

Can you shed any light on why these are failing?



For all the attached documents I am getting following error:

  "Message": "The document appears to be corrupted and cannot be loaded."

We are looking into this issue and will shortly update you with our findings.

All the documents in the zip file display correctly when viewed within Word. I’m not sure why you are getting a different error than we are.


We are trying to diagnose the issue (WORDSCLOUD-631) on our end and will update you here as soon as the issue is fixed.


I don’t have access to your JIRA. I see that you have closed WORDSCLOUD-631 which was opened for this issue. What was the resolution? Did you fix it so we can have our customers re-submit their failied to convert Word files?


Yes, the issue has been fixed. Please ask your customers to re-submit their failed conversion files.

Following are the converted files of your attached documents: (310.1 KB)